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CARNIVOUS ROTTWEILERS is oldest & one of the first kennel to Introduce Rottweiler’s in India established in the year 1995 by Mr. Sikander Singh Thakur and Sarvpreet Singh Chadda. Introducing Rottweilers in India was a revolutionary step towards creating awareness and sensitization of this particular dog breed amongst the general public. The Kennel has been working sincerely since then and has bred more than 56 champions and that is the highest number in the country.
• Breeder of No 1. Rottweiler of USA and CANADA: 2014-2015
• Breeder of best bred in India Rottweiler the year: 2015-2016/2016-2017.
• Only kennel from ASIA exporting dogs to other countries.
• ETIOS OF CARNIVOUS is the very first dog from Asia to represent India in world’s biggest rottweiler show in Germany where he participated in ADRK KS show on 22/8/2017 and was V8 in champion class among 430 dogs in show.
• Represented India in European shows and won the highest ranks.

We have great experience with Rottweilers and have participated in many International Dog -Show competitions all around the world. Our home bred dogs can be seen all around the world.
CARNIVOUS ROTTWEILERS aims at promoting Bred in India Rottweiler Breed and also spread awareness and break the misconceptions about this breed.
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Founder member of the rottweiler club of India

Founder member & General Secretary

Life Member Kennel club of India

Carnivous family throughout India and abroad

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Fere Perfectum is a German Rottweiler dog kennel dedicated to upholding the integrity of its values, promoting and advancing the sport of purebred German Rottweiler dogs, as well as breeding them for type and function.

Rottweiler breeding & care

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius said long time ago. Here at Fere Perfectum German Rottweiler dog kennel, we can proudly say that this is exactly what…

Buying & transporting a Rottweiler pup

The process of buying a Rottweiller puppy and transporting it to your destination entails several phases. Our puppies are for sale since the moment they are born, but you might have to wait a bit to have it delivered…